Welcome to The Ring of Bells in Bishopsteignton.

NEW Food & Drink Delivery / Takeaway

Phase 3 of reopening (or even closing again!!)

We were in our next phase of ropening The Ringers, but as we all know we have had to close our doors again. We have tried very hard to keep all our customers and friends in a safe environment here at The Ring of Bells.

However, close we must! although we have been providing Beverage Takeaways during our Happy Hour 5.00 - 6.00pm. All requests must be preordered and picked up outside  the premises at the allotted time.

This Thursday sees the return of our food takeaway and NEW DELIVERY service.

We return to our Pizza's and Burger menu for Thursday and Saturday's and our ever popular Fish & Chip Shop nights on Fridays.

We are still developing our December programme, including Quiz's, Christmas Draw, Christmas Carols on Christmas Eve (no singing though!) and as soon as the Government issues the measures we shall be reopening under, we'll make a decision about what we'll be doing over Christmas.

We'd like to thank everyone who have been to see us and supported us over the past few weeks and months. We continue to live in extremely strange times and there is no doubt that there will be many hospitallity businesses that will not survive.

Our WhatsApp / text order number is 07367 669212 and our landline is 01626 870726 for your orders.

We are also developing our ordering app for your use.

Take care of yourselves, and hopefully see you soon.


See HERE for our menus.

The Gallagher’s & Sam

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